The story

CARE-DIAC is a multifunctional cardio device that, thanks to variety, offers a more pleasant cardiac rehabilitation for those who are unable to get to the cardiac rehabilitation center due to drop-out reasons (such as work, transport or family role).


"CARE-DIAC was developed during my masterthesis  Product Design, to improve the rehabilitation of heart patients in a home situation in function of self-care and self-prevention"



In 2017, cardiovascular diseases, including strokes, cardiac arrests and cardiac arrhythmias, account for 37% of all deaths in the European Union.

That is approximately 1.8 million deaths per year. It is predicted that by 2040 there will be 65% more people with heart problems. This is due to the change in lifestyle and the increase in life expectancy of Europeans, the risk of cardiovascular disease is increasing. Consequently, the need for proper rehabilitation after hospital discharge is necessary in order to avoid a relapse.

However, current research shows that only one third of the patients for whom heart rehabilitation was recommended follow this in an hospital’s specialized rehabilitation centers. The patients cannot find their way to the rehabilitation center or will not get to the heart rehabilitation center for unforeseen reasons.


Process and development

By trying to eliminate the gross of the drop out reasons and blockades, It was discovered that one of the suitable solutions would be to continue the rehabilitation at your own home.
The current system (CM, voorzorg etc.) allows you to rent a stationary bike for home.This was a great solution to continue the rehab at home but at the same time contradicted by another study that explained that : repeating the same exercise day in day out could also lead to a drop out due to lack of motivation or boredomness.

In the concept phase I tried to implement a lot of the things I read and discovered if I somehow could combine a lot of different exercises in one.
You could have your own rehabilitation center at home.


Final product


A multifunctionality of movements

CARE-DIAC offers three exercises instead of one. CARE-DIAC can be set in three different positions. These three positions will simulate three different movements that will also train three different muscle groups. By moving 60 minutes three times a week, the chance of relapse is reduced by 50%. CARE-DIAC can ensure that this desired rehabilitation is done as pleasantly as possible in the home situation.


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